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Instrument Design Technology Ltd

May 2013

APS Users Meeting

IDT will be attending the forthcoming APS Users Meeting at Argonne National Laboratory on 6-9 May 2013. We can be found at stand 30 in the Gallery (lower level) of the APS Conference Center.

New IDT Website

The IDT website has been updated and relaunched. Here you can see the full range of products and services we offer, including:

New IDT Website
  • Complete Turnkey Beamlines
  • Monochromators
  • Mirror Systems
  • Beam Conditioning
  • Beam Diagnostics
  • Precision Apertures
  • Experimental Equipment
  • Vacuum Actuators & Stages

Our new website can be viewed here.

Air-Bearing DCM

Air Bearing DCM

IDT have developed an air bearing rotary stage, as part of our program of continuous development of cutting-edge monochromators.

Recently installed on GSECARS Sector 13 at the APS, the Air Bearing DCM is capable of Quick EXAFS over a wide energy range, with high quality Micro EXAFS data measured on GSECARS. The monochromator is also suitable for the high heat loads of APS 150mA ring current operation. The combination of the air bearing goniometer with our proven canted undulator crystal cage mechanics offers significant improvements over a mechanical rotary table design:

  • Frictionless & ultra-smooth Bragg drive
  • Zero backlash
  • Very high radial stiffness
  • Rotational axis eccentricity <50nm & wobble <10nm
  • No degradation or wear over time of mechanical bearing
  • High speed direct drive torque motor

See the Air Bearing DCM page on our new website for more information.

Primary Slits

Undulator primary slits

IDT offer a wide range of beam conditioning components, including power management apertures, masks, filters and our unique centre-opening primary slits:

  • One stepper motor is used to set the slit blade gap and a second motor used to scan the slits in the beam.
  • Suitable for canted beam geometry
  • Angled water-cooled copper blades (OFHC or Glidcop) with Tungsten hard edge defining the beam
  • Thermally isolated design for maximum stability and minimal drift
  • Precision actuator resolution can be controlled to 0.1μm with 5μm repeatability in open loop, <1μm repeatability when fitted with encoders.

See the Beam Conditioning section on our new website for more information.

Small KB Mirror System*

The IDT Small KB Mirror system is a compact, highly reliable and low cost system for micro-focusing monochromatic x-rays. The mirror system is available in UHV, vacuum & helium variants, with mirror lengths 170mm - 320mm and features:

Small KB Mirror System
  • Highly repeatable sub-μm focused spot size
  • Dynamic mirror figuring with sub-μrad slope error
  • Multiple mirror coatings (silicon, rhodium, platinum)
  • 2 moment elliptical bender with trapezoidal shaped mirrors for near-perfect bending
  • Various motor & control options
  • Low cost of procurement & ownership compared to other micro-focusing systems

See the Small KB Mirror page on our new website for more information.

* Developed by IDT with a grant from the UK North West Development Agency.