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Versatile Five Degree of Freedom Tables

Experimental Tables; Diffractometer Support; Detector Mounts

IDT have developed a comprehensive range of experimental table configurations which can be used to provide a stable support to optical components, experimental equipment and diffractometers. Tables are fully motorised with pitch, roll & yaw, vertical and lateral degrees of freedom (Z-translation can be included as an option).

IDT have installed more than 20 experimental tables at DESY, Swiss Light Source, Canadian Light Source, Diamond Light Source & HPCAT at the Advanced Photon Source.

Experimental Table labelled

Below Left: Experimental table with airpads for easy in-hutch movement at Petra III, DESY.

Below Right: Large experimental table supporting experimental equipment installed at Swiss Light Source

Technical Data Experiment Table with airpads at Petra III Experimental Table at the Swiss Light Source