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Bending Magnet DCM

Quick EXAFS DCM crystal cage Quick EXAFS DCM installed on B18

Nickel Foil Quick EXAFS Scan from B18

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The IDT Bending Magnet DCM features a direct water-cooled first crystal with a novel small bore cooling arrangement designed to match the specific beam footprint to minimise thermal gradients. Other features of the monochroamtor are:

IDT have installed bending magnet monochromators on beamlines B16, B18 and B21 at Diamond Light Source, and on the DUBBLE CRG at the ESRF.

The bending magnet DCM installed on beamline B18 at Diamond Light Source is designed to perform Quick EXAFS experiments and features a DC servo-driven Bragg axis for high Bragg speeds. The DCM is required to operate in scanning mode. Beam stability during the scan is therefore very important. The DCM has completed over 150,000 scans since installation.

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