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Monochromator Quad Diode Scan Testing

Monochromator Quad Diode Scan Testing

Quad Diode Test Results

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IDT have developed a unique factory testing procedure for scanning Double Crystal Monochromators.

A laser beam is shone through the DCM to simulate an x-ray beam. The laser illuminates the crystals and the position of the transmitted beam is measured with a custom quad diode detector placed several meters away from the monochromator.

The scanning performance of the DCM can be tested by driving the DCM through the energy range and measuring the exit beam angle with the quad diode detector. This can be done under vacuum conditions at a fixed beam offset with coolant flowing, giving a very close indication of the true DCM beamline performance.

Our monochromator quad diode testing makes it possible to obtain the parasitic beam walk effects at the factory and to optimise for x-rays before delivery to site. It allows measurement and implementation of lookup tables for pitch & roll correction as part of factory acceptance.