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Double Laue-Crystal Monochromator

installed on the Imaging and Medical Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron

The Imaging & Medical Beamline Double Laue Monochromator, designed & built by IDT, is optimised for stability due to the very large sample-mono distance (>150m).

The monochromator is designed with a translating 1st crystal and a fixed 2nd crystal which acts as a fixed energy reference. The first crystal is mounted on a long linear slide with a straightness of ±15µm over 500mm travel.

Both crystals are mounted on highly repeatable vertical slides, with precision tilt cradles for roll alignment of crystals. The first crystal can be fully translated out of the beam to allow the white beam to pass.

Other features of the monochromator include:

Double Laue-Crystal Monochromator crystal bending mechanism Technical Data Custom Engineered Slides

Also see our page on Custom Engineered Slides for performance data of the long travel linear slide.

Double Laue-Crystal Monochromator installed on IMBL beamline