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HPCAT Sector 16

at the Advanced Photon Source

IDT were tasked with the full design of HPCAT (Sector 16) at the Advanced Photon source, from the optical concept stage through to full engineering solutions The project scope was for a full sector layout, including hutch design.

HPCAT is a complex multi-function beamline sector with an insertion device and bending magnet source.

IDT also supplied many hardware systems including a large offset monochromator, a high resolution monochromator, a large KB mirror system, high heat load slits plus a full 3 metre spectrometer and several experimental tables.

HPCAT optical layout

HPCAT has since undergone an upgrade to a canted undulator layout. IDT have designed, built & tested the upgraded beam conditioning components, which are rated for 200mA ring current operation, including dual canted primary slit systems, beam apertures and beam stops.

Canted Slits installed on HPCAT

Left: Canted undulator primary slit system installed on HPCAT.