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IDT have developed a sagittal crystal bender based on a design from the Swiss-Norwegian Beamline CRG at the ESRF. The bender has been in routine operation since 2013 on B21 SAXS beamline at Diamond Light Source as part of the IDT-supplied DCM, while the original sagittal crystal bender was designed and built by SNBL during the construction phase of the beamline and has been in routine operation since 1995.

* built under licence from the Swiss-Norwegian Beamline

Sagittal Crystal Bender*

The highly repeatable design is based upon a very stable 4 bar bender. The crystal is bent by driving the tungsten bending rods about the support rods. The mount is wire EDM machined for the highest possible tolerances and alignment.

The crystal features a central multi-ribbed zone designed to minimise anticlastic bending, and two side flat sections that allow the crystal to be polished in a highly uniform manner to maintain parallelism of the crystal faces when mounting in the 4 bar bender.

Sagittal Crystal Bender

Bending rod

Ribbed crystal

Crystal is held between bending & support rods

Yaw actuator

Bending actuators drive bending rods about support rods

Yaw stage with rotation axis aligned with centre of crystal