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Vacuum Actuators & Stages

IDT have designed & built a range of monochromators with outstanding performing. To achieve such excellent performance has required the development of a series of high performance actuators & stages capable of operating in a high vacuum (HV) & ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment. UHV compatibility was the initial design goal for all these items from their conception. IDT is delighted to now offer these actuators & stages as products in their own right.

The ability to operate actuators & stages in HV & UHV is dependent upon a variety of factors as follows:-

By employing good vacuum practice IDT ensure that our actuators and stages are of the highest quality and fully HV/UHV compatible, with the following used in manufacture & assembly:

Additionally all our actuators and stages are tested and vacuum prepared to keep outgassing rates to a minimum:

The motor/gearbox is the limiting factor of actuator & slide vacuum performance:


Careful design and manufacture, plus the cleaning processes used throughout the build of any vacuum device leads to the highest quality product. It is important to realise that the nature of the system is such that in a HV or UHV environment the motorised stage or actuator will experience outgassing. Vacuum motors & stages will always outgas during initial commissioning which will reduce over time. All vacuum prepared actuators & stages will have residual out gassing during operation at HV or UHV. The vacuum preparation processing will keep this outgassing to a minimum suitable for HV or UHV operation but please note the products are not outgassing free.

Low Load Actuator on Double Laue-Crystal Monochromator installed on IMBL Beamline